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Escape the Christmas shopping madness and check out the Florida Museum of Natural History
Escape the Christmas shopping madness and check out the Florida Museum of Natural History.

December launched upon us like a cast net over unsuspecting wild shiners, and now we face Christmas in only a few short weeks. The Florida highways have filled with snowbirds escaping the blustery north (flurries in Michigan already), making it a challenging time to navigate the Florida traffic. For a quick escape during those hectic Christmas shopping trips- a short hop from the Oaks Mall in Gainesville is the Florida Museum of Natural History. From Wicked Plants to a Butterfly Rainforest and even a limestone cave, there’s loads of family fun hidden in this North Central Florida gem.

This historic wedding chapel burnt to the ground. #PrayingforGatlinburg
The historic Gatlinburg wedding chapel burnt to the ground.

   Gatlinburg Fires   The entire family was shocked to hear about the wildfires sweeping through our favorite Smokey Mountain towns of Gatlinburg and nearby Pigeon Forge. Only a few days ago we were talking about returning to that picturesque corner of America, but the extreme drought conditions and insane winds and fires made the […]

Walking with gators on Florida's La Chua Trail
Where can you find the most Florida Gators in the state? Gainesville, of course! Home to the gator-filled University of Florida and equally gator-filled La Chua Trail

Wednesday afternoon I faced my childhood fears and took the family hiking with gators on Gainesville’s La Chua Trail on the North Rim of Florida’s Paynes Prairie State Park. “Chua,” the Timucuan Indian word for sinkhole, is a 3 mile trail from the Alachua Sink out to an observation platform in the prairie. Gators galore, and NOT the orange and blue kind! Yes. It was terrifying.

Tips & Ideas on what to do this Thanksgiving weekend
Need some ideas? 23 Tips & Ideas on what to do this Thanksgiving weekend

A long weekend is stretching out before us, and if you’re like me, the kids are already off school and starting their usual squabbles. It’s always a tossup of letting them disappear into YouTube videos and video games or chucking the electronics aside for family quality time. Sometimes these family moments are worth fighting for, so check out this list of 23 Things You Can Should Over the Thanksgiving Holidays, because there is only so much turkey you can eat!

Kayaking Florida's Rainbow River
Kayaking Florida's Rainbow River

The noise of the busy KP Hole faded into the distance and it was just us and the river, paddling through the wide channels cutting through the marshland. Anhinga birds perched on overhanging trees to dry their wet feathers in the early morning sun. Kayaking on Florida’s Rainbow River can be an hour out or an entire day’s adventure. Here are a few tips and tricks to make your adventure a memorable one.

Inspirational quotes
Inspirational quotes

Just a thought for the day. Feel free to share it. Have a great week! Related Posts: Attitude: A Daily Dose of Inspiration Gratitude: A Daily Dose of Inspiration The Little Things: Daily Inspiration Perspective: How to be Extraordinary Live Your Life!  

Kayaking the Chaz
A family kayaking adventure on the Chassahowitzka River

A manatee cow and her calf bobbed up alongside us to take a breath of fresh Florida air and investigate our kayak flotilla. The calf took a particular fancy to my son, following his green kayak as it floated with the current down the river. It was Sunday and we were kayaking Florida’s Chassahowitzka River.